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Sex employment discrimination texas cases

Sex employment discrimination texas cases

What is sex or gender discrimination? Sex or gender discrimination is treating individuals differently in their employment specifically because an individual is a woman or a man. If you have been rejected for employment, fired, or otherwise harmed in employment because of your sex or gender, then you may have suffered sex or gender discrimination. Discrimination is generally illegal regardless of whether it is based on sex, or gender, or both sex and gender.

You apply for a job for which you have experience and excellent qualifications, but you are not hired because some of the company's long-time clients are more comfortable dealing with men; you are told that you are laid off due to company cutbacks and reorganization, while men in the same job and with less seniority than you keep their jobs; you have worked for your company for several years, receiving exemplary reviews and an employee-of-the-year award, yet each of the five times you have applied for promotions, the positions you applied for are instead filled by less qualified men.

You worked your way up from the position of cook's helper to chef. A male chef with similar training and work experience was recently hired, and you find out that he will be paid more than you; you are a top salesperson for your company, but are moved to a less desirable territory while a man with much lower sales is given your territory and client base, enabling him to make much more in commissions than you will make for several years.

You work at a company for four years and put in many hours of overtime. After you return from having a baby, you tell your employer that you will not be able to put in as many hours of overtime. Your position is then changed to a lower level and you get less pay, while male coworkers in similar positions are allowed to cut back their overtime hours for personal reasons without any changes to their positions or pay.

Your company's health insurance policy does not cover your spouse, because it is assumed that he will have his own benefits, while your male coworkers have their wives covered by the policy. Because your husband is between jobs, you have to pay increased health benefits on his behalf that your coworkers do not pay for their wives. If any of these things have happened to you on the job, you may have suffered sex or gender discrimination.

Sex or gender discrimination may be accompanied by other forms of illegal discrimination as well, such as age , race , or disability discrimination. Pregnancy discrimination and sexual harassment are also considered forms of sex discrimination under the law. Which federal law covers sex or gender discrimination? Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of is a federal law that protects individuals from discrimination based upon sex.

This law makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate against individuals in hiring, firing, and other terms and conditions of employment, such as promotions, raises, and other job opportunities because of their sex. The laws of most states also make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sex. For more information, see question 19 below. Additionally, there are specific laws protecting employees of federal contractors from sex or gender discrimination.

Additionally, Executive Order protects employees of federal contractors from discrimination based on compensation inquiries, discussions, or disclosures. For more information of protections specific to employees of federal contractors see our federal contractors page.

Explicit protections against compensation discrimination, sexually hostile work environments, discrimination based on pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions, and discrimination against unlawful sex stereotypes, gender identity, and transgender status are made in the new rule.

This new rule further enforces Section of the Rehabilitation Act of These laws make it illegal for contractors and subcontractors doing businesses with the federal government to discriminate in employment because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or status as a veteran. They are also prohibited from discriminating based on the disclosure or discussion of compensation with other employees.

This rule will appear in an upcoming edition of the Federal Register. Please check back to find when the final rule has been published and when it becomes a law. Who is covered by the law?

Title VII covers all private employers, state and local governments, and educational institutions that employ 15 or more individuals. These laws also cover private and public employment agencies, labor organizations, and joint labor management committees controlling apprenticeship and training. Many states also make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sex.

For more information, please see our page on the minimum number of employees needed to file a claim under your state law. The law's protections apply to both current workers and job applicants.

If you are a current employee and are fired, not promoted, or not accommodated due to your sex or gender, you are protected.

If you are not hired due to your sex or gender, you are also protected. Can an employer pay me less because I'm a woman? Can I be paid less because I'm a man? The laws against discrimination in compensation cover all forms of compensation, including salary, overtime pay, bonuses, stock options, profit sharing and bonus plans, life insurance, vacation and holiday pay, cleaning or gasoline allowances, hotel accommodations, reimbursement for travel expenses, and benefits.

The EPA requires that men and women be given equal pay for equal work in the same establishment. The jobs need not be identical, but they must be substantially equal. It is the content of the job, not job titles, that determines whether jobs are substantially equal. Unlike the EPA, Title VII does not require that the job of the person claiming discrimination be substantially equal to that of a higher paid person of the other sex, nor does Title VII require the person claiming discrimination to work in the same establishment as the higher paid person.

Under the EPA, employers are prohibited from paying unequal wages to men and women who perform jobs that require substantially equal skill, effort and responsibility, and that are performed under similar working conditions within the same establishment. The law defines these terms as follows: The key issue is what skills are required for the job, not what skills the individual employees may have.

Employers may not reduce wages of either sex to equalize pay between men and women. A violation of the EPA may occur where a different wage is or was paid to a person who worked in the same job before or after an employee of the opposite sex. Is it illegal to give different benefits to male and female employees? As discussed above, even though differences between the sexes may result in different benefit costs to an employer, it is against the law for an employer to discriminate between men and women with regard to benefits.

An employer cannot make benefits available: It is also against the law for an employer to have a pension or retirement plan which establishes different optional or compulsory retirement ages based on sex, or which differentiates in benefits on the basis of sex. Can an employer treat me differently because I can or have become pregnant? Pregnancy discrimination, defined as discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth, and related conditions, is illegal under Title VII.

Under the law, pregnancy is considered a temporary disability, as are related medical conditions such as severe morning sickness, doctor-ordered bed rest, childbirth, recovery from childbirth, and any other related medical condition.

Title VII prohibits employers from treating pregnant women differently from other temporarily sick, injured or disabled employees.

Employers must therefore give pregnant employees and temporarily physically disabled new mothers the same treatment and benefits that they give to employees with other temporary disabilities. Can an employer treat me differently because I am unmarried or married? Marital status discrimination is not prohibited by the federal laws generally applicable to private employment, which prohibit discrimination based on race and color , sex, religion , national origin , age and disability.

However, several states have laws making it illegal to discriminate on the basis of marital status. It is illegal for your employer to make assumptions based on gender stereotypes, even if those assumptions are motivated in part by your marital status. For more information, see our page on family responsibilities discrimination. Can an employer treat me differently because I have kids or have to care for a family member?

Parental status discrimination is not prohibited by the federal laws generally applicable to private employment, which prohibit discrimination based on race and color , sex, religion , national origin , age and disability. However, several states have laws making it illegal to discriminate on the basis of parental status.

It is illegal for your employer to make assumptions based on gender stereotypes, even if those assumptions are motivated in part by your parental status. For more information, see our page on family leave. What's the difference between sex discrimination and sexual harassment?

Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature are all types of sexual harassment when submission to or rejection of this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual's employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual's work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.

For more information, see our page on sexual harassment. As noted throughout this page, there are other forms of discrimination on the basis of sex that are not sexual harassment, such as discrimination in hiring, firing, promotions or benefits, pay discrimination, and gender stereotyping. In addition, it is possible to have illegal, sex-based harassment that is not of a sexual nature, sometimes called gender-based harassment.

Is sex ever a qualification for a certain job? Only in very limited situations. The BFOQ exception as to sex has been interpreted very narrowly.

Therefore, in the following situations, the BFOQ concept will not apply: The refusal to hire a woman because of her sex based on assumptions of the comparative employment characteristics of women in general. For example, the assumption that the turnover rate among women is higher than among men.

The refusal to hire an individual based on stereotyped characterizations of the sexes. Individuals should be considered on the basis of individual capacities and not on the basis of any characteristics generally attributed to the group. Such stereotypes include, for example, that men are less capable of assembling intricate equipment, or that women are less capable of aggressive salesmanship.

The refusal to hire an individual because of the preferences of coworkers, the employer, clients or customers except where it is necessary for the purpose of authenticity or genuineness, such as hiring an actor or actress.

My company has an affirmative action plan. How can this affect me? Affirmative action goals and timetables are targets for equality, parity and a level playing field. Like goals for profits or productivity, they mark and measure progress, but do not carry legal penalties. Quotas are illegal unless court-ordered to rectify discrimination.

Your company's affirmative action plan may be voluntary or may be required by law, if your company has contracts with federal, state or local governments.

The only Supreme Court case dealing with affirmative action for women recognized that evaluations that were supposedly merit-based may still reflect biases. The justices upheld an affirmative action plan that promoted a woman over a man with slightly higher score. Under the law as written in Executive Orders and interpreted by the courts, anyone benefiting from affirmative action must have relevant and valid job or educational qualifications.

If you are a woman at a company with an affirmative action plan, the plan may help eliminate some of the barriers to advancement women have historically faced and may have actually faced working for your employer. You may wish to consult with your company's human resource department or your personnel handbook to learn more about how the plan may benefit you and other female employees.

Can my employer make me wear a dress or feminine clothing? In an important U. Supreme Court case known as Price Waterhouse, the Court ruled that discrimination based on gender stereotyping is illegal sex discrimination under Title VII.

Many employers have dress codes or otherwise expect their employees to dress according to the customs of the profession. Nothing in the Price Waterhouse case prevents an employer from asking that both male and female employees dress professionally.

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Shortly after she was born, a painful divorce soured her mother against other ministers, [3] alienating her from the church. They were married on April 1, The following year, they moved to South Carolina , where they began their ministry. Jay Bakker suffered from alcoholism as a result of his parents' issues in the media, and now has begun a group of churches throughout the United States, including in New York City, where he now resides.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March Learn how and when to remove this template message Jim and Tammy Bakker had been involved with television from the time of their departure from Minneapolis until they moved to the Charlotte area via Portsmouth, Virginia , where they were founding members of The Club. In a move that sharply distinguished her from other televangelists, she showed a more tolerant attitude regarding homosexuality, and she featured people suffering from AIDS on PTL, urging her viewers to follow Christ and show sympathy and pray for the sick.

The home was later sold by the ministry and burned to the ground not long thereafter. Jim Bakker wrote in his book I Was Wrong that he watched the home burn on live television while incarcerated. PTL went bankrupt after being taken over by Lynchburg, Virginia -based Baptist televangelist Jerry Falwell , who offered to step in following the scandals in In , while Bakker was still in prison, she filed for divorce, saying in a letter to the New Covenant Church in Orlando, Florida: For years I have been pretending that everything is all right, when in fact I hurt all the time I cannot pretend anymore.

They moved to the Charlotte suburb of Matthews, North Carolina. However, Messner said that Bakker wrote on it: I'm not asking for anything. He was later convicted of bankruptcy fraud. As he faced sentencing in , he said that he could not afford to treat his prostate cancer because he lacked health insurance.

Jim Bakker had relocated his operations to Branson, Missouri , in Tammy Faye told Entertainment Tonight they had moved to the "dream house" to be closer to Roe's children and grandchildren from his first marriage. The children still live in the Wichita area. Death Defying from Lions Gate Entertainment. On her site, Tammyfaye. The show chronicled a twelve-day period wherein she, Ron Jeremy , Vanilla Ice , Traci Bingham , Erik Estrada , and Trishelle Cannatella lived together in a Los Angeles house and were assigned various tasks and activities.

Together, the six put on a children's play and managed a restaurant for a day. She also attended a book signing for her best-seller, I Will Survive And You Will Too. At the end of the show, Messner said she thought of Vanilla Ice and Trishelle Cannatella as children and could relate to them deeply because she had similar feelings and problems when she was their age.

She described porn star Jeremy as "a nice man. She was first diagnosed with colon cancer in March , and the disease went into remission by the end of that year. On November 30, , also on Larry King Live, she announced that she was cancer free once again. She described the details of her chemotherapy and continued to appear regularly on King's show.

A television documentary of her struggle with cancer was produced in She also mentioned having difficulty swallowing food, suffering from panic attacks , and enduring substantial weight loss. As her health continued to worsen, a "Talk of the Town" article in the October 2, , issue of The New Yorker stated that she was dying in hospice care , and a December 10, , article in Walter Scott's column in Parade reported that her son Jay was "at a North Carolina hospice with his mom, [who is] gravely ill with colon cancer".

In one episode, Tammy Faye required the use of oxygen in order to talk. On May 8, , she issued a statement on her website saying that chemotherapy had stopped, but urging her fans to continue to pray for her. As of July , over pages of wishes had been received. Messner's husband would later say that he believed that she chose to do the interview to say a final goodbye to her fans. Death[ edit ] On July 20, , Messner died after 11 years with cancer.

What had started as colon cancer had spread to her lungs. She died in her home, said her publicist, Joe Spotts. A family service was held on the morning of July 21, , in the Messner family plot in Waldron, Kansas. The show features songs by J. Buck and a book by Fernando Dovalina.

The musical is described as a fantasia which takes a balanced and fair look at its subject. The impetus for the show was provided by a lengthy interview that Messner gave the authors in March Lane and Heather Parcells. The readings were directed by Mindy Cooper. Seth Farber provided musical direction. The play takes place in a fevered dream at the end of her life wherein she enlists the men in her life for one final TV talk show audition.

Women sex on the farm

Women sex on the farm

Several aspects of employee supervision can challenge managers and owners, including the increasingly complex federal and state regulations surrounding employee management. Farm businesses, and in particular livestock operations, which operate year-round and require employee presence on holidays and evenings, offer unique challenges for the prevention of sexual harassment. The EEOC is responsible enforcing federal laws relating to discrimination and harassment.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of makes it illegal to discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, or sex. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act, an amendment to Title VII, made it illegal to discriminate against women because of pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition.

The Equal Pay Act of makes it illegal to pay men and women different wages for equal work in the same workplace. Furthermore, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of makes it illegal to discriminate against persons who are 40 or older because of their age. These laws also make it illegal to retaliate against employees who complain about discrimination, file discrimination charges with the EEOC, or participate in investigation or lawsuit regarding discrimination.

American with Disabilities Act of ADA made it illegal to discriminate against a qualified person with a disability. The ADA is applicable to covered entities, or employers, with 15 or more employees.

Employers must make reasonable accommodations for the qualified individual, whether that person is an applicant or existing employee, unless doing so would impose an undue hardship on the operation of the business.

Likewise, there are state agencies charged with enforcing similar state laws. State laws may differ by state and, in turn, from the federal law. For example, the Illinois Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on, in addition to those covered by the EEOC, sexual orientation, military status, marital status, or order of protection status. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with the laws that apply specifically to your operation. Harassment occurs when an employee is the recipient of offensive conduct.

This may include offensive jokes, slurs, epithets or name-calling, physical assaults or threats, intimidation, ridicule or mockery, insults or put-downs, offensive objects or pictures, and interference with work performance.

To be illegal harassment the conduct must create a work environment reasonable people would find hostile, offensive or intimidating. Generally jokes, minor annoyances, and isolated incidents, unless extremely serious, will not rise to the level of illegal harassment.

Discrimination, on the other hand, occurs when employment decisions such as hiring, firing, pay, task assignments, promotions, layoff, or any other term, benefit, or condition of employment are made on the an illegal basis, rather than on job performance. Thus, the best policy is prevention aka, the best defense is a good offense. How is the on-farm workplace different? As a farm owner or manager, you should be aware of these factors and take steps to mitigate situations where sexual or other harassment may occur.

You are responsible for all parties your employees interact with … Of particular interest for farm businesses is that the person responsible for the harassment need not be your legal employee. It has implications for lead by example, condoning behaviors, and could potentially be used to provide evidence of a hostile work environment.

While many farmers may contest harassment from non-employees being their responsibility, the possibility that such complaints contribute to a situation that leads to costly litigation does exist. Thus, in order to mitigate the legal and financial risks to the business, it is best to be vigilant with all person s interacting within and from outside your business operation.

Definition of Harassment and Examples While sexual harassment is probably the most notorious form of harassment, farm owners and managers should be aware there are other forms of harassment. The EEOC prohibits various types of harassment and discrimination such as: Mocking an employee for his or her disability to the point that a hostile work environment is created Genetic: Severe harassment based on genetic information, such as a family medical history National Origin: Offensive remarks made to an employee because he or she reported harassment Gender: Offensive drawings directed at a transgendered employee that are so severe a hostile work environment is created Sexual Harassment: A manager makes unwanted sexual advances to a female employee These above examples are not an exhaustive list, but are meant to illustrate some ways in which harassment can occur.

Generally speaking, joking, minor annoyances, and isolated incidents will not be illegal harassment unless they are severe. To be unlawful, the conduct must create a work environment that is intimidating, hostile, or offensive to a reasonable person. Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment can include unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature.

Simple teasing and minor, isolated incidents are not unlawful. However, sexual harassment becomes unlawful when it creates a hostile or offensive work environment. For example, male employees making inappropriate sexual comments about a female employee, may rise to the level of unlawful behavior depending on the frequency, severity and situation where the comments were made such as the female employee preparing to enter a shower facility.

For the wellbeing of employees and protection of your business, it is better to err on the side of caution and strongly discourage comments and behaviors that could form the basis to any harassment or sexual harassment claim. Steps for Employers Establish an anti-harassment policy which is known, understood and enforced. Whether you are required to have a written anti-harassment policy or not, having one in place can be a valuable tool to prevent and defend against costly lawsuits.

Remember an anti-harassment policy is only valuable if it is enforced. Having the policy in your employee handbook, which is read, understood, and signed by every employee, is a logical place to distribute this information. This makes employees aware of behaviors that are unacceptable and makes employees aware they can report harassment without fear of retaliation. Your anti-harassment policy should define harassment and sexual harassment, explain procedures for reporting it, and outline the consequences of harassing others.

A sample employee handbook containing this information, Swine Employee Handbook , is available from the Pork Information Gateway and is shown below. The Farm Name strongly disapproves of any form of harassment including but not limited to ethnic, religious or sexual harassment involving any of its employees. Actions or remarks involving ethnic or religious animosity, or conduct of sexual nature will not be tolerated.

Complaints concerning harassment will be investigated by Farm Name promptly in a confidential manner and the results will be reviewed with the persons involved. Disciplinary action, up to and including discharge, will be taken against any employee engaging in any form of harassment.

Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment is a form of misconduct that can undermine the integrity of the employment relationship. No employee — male or female — should be subjected to unsolicited and unwelcomed verbal or physical sexual overtures or conduct.

Sexual harassment, whether committed by supervisory or non-supervisory personnel, is specifically prohibited. Farm Name is responsible for taking action to effectively deal with all acts of sexual harassment occurring in the workplace or as part of the employment relationship, regardless of the manner in which it becomes aware of the conduct.

This includes the acts of supervisory or management personnel, nonmanagement employees and third- parties. Sexual harassment is defined as either: Unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual activity by a Farm Name employee in a position of power or authority to another Farm Name employee, or Other unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of sexual nature by a Farm Name employee to another Farm Name employee, when: Submission to or rejection of such conduct is used explicitly or implicitly as a condition for employment decisions; The purpose or effect of such conduct is to interfere unreasonably with the work performance of the person being harassed; or The purpose or effect of such conduct to a reasonable person is to create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment.

Sexual harassment does not refer to occasional compliments or other conduct or actions that arise out of a personal or social relationship that are socially acceptable and not intended to have a discriminatory effect on employment. Discipline Violations of this policy by any employee management or non-management will result in appropriate disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

If the complaint involves a manager, report directly to the owner or any board member. If the complaint does not involve a manager, report it to the manager. Upon receiving an accusation of sexual harassment against an employee of Farm Name , Farm Name will investigate and, if substantiated, will initiate the appropriate disciplinary procedures. There is a fiveyear limitation period from the date of occurrence for filing a charge that may lead to discipline.

An individual who makes an accusation of sexual harassment will be informed: At the close of the investigation, whether or not disciplinary procedures will be initiated; and At the end of any disciplinary procedures, or the discipline imposed, if applicable.

Non-Retaliation Policy also prohibits retaliation against any person who brings an accusation of discrimination or sexual harassment or who assists with the investigation or resolution of sexual harassment. Notwithstanding this provision, Farm Name may discipline an employee who has been determined to have brought an accusation of sexual harassment in bad faith. Consider additional training, beyond knowing and understanding the policies in place on your operation for at least owners, managers, and supervisors on your operation.

Ideally, consider including training or seeking opportunities for training outside of your own operation for all employees. Owners, supervisors, and managers should lead by example.

Authority figures that harass employees undermine efforts to safeguard the workplace against harassment. More subtle, is the leading by example with regard to the importance of anti-harassment policies.

Fostering communication in a diverse workplace. Owners and managers can foster a more diverse workplace by ensuring language barriers do not prevent employees from understanding what behaviors are unacceptable and their expectations to be free from harassment in the workplace. If you have questions … Federal and state regulations governing employee issues and treatment can be complicated, complex, and change rapidly.

If you need advice as to how to locate an attorney familiar with agricultural businesses in your geographic location, consider reaching out to local Extension personnel or commodity organizations for recommendations. The information in this fact sheet is intended general educational purposes. This fact sheet does not constitute legal advice; usage of the material does not create an attorney-client relationship.

Anyone seeking legal advice should contact a licensed attorney in the state s in which their operation does business.

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Two men one woman having sex

Polyandry in Tibet Fraternal polyandry from the Latin frater—brother , also called adelphic polyandry, is a form of polyandry in which a woman is married to two or more men who are brothers. Fraternal polyandry was and sometimes still is found in certain areas of Tibet , Nepal , and Northern India, [10] where polyandry was accepted as a social practice.

Primogeniture dictated that the eldest son inherited the family estate, while younger sons had to leave home and seek their own employment. Primogeniture maintained family estates intact over generations by permitting only one heir per generation. Fraternal polyandry also accomplishes this, but does so by keeping all the brothers together with just one wife so that there is only one set of heirs per generation. In Tibet the practice was particularly popular among the priestly Sakya class.

The female equivalent of fraternal polyandry is sororate marriage. Partible paternity[ edit ] Anthropologist Stephen Beckerman points out that at least 20 tribal societies accept that a child could, and ideally should, have more than one father, referring to it as " partible paternity.

The mother's non-resident husbands are not recognized as fathers, although the mother's co-resident brothers are, since they are part of the mother's lineage. Culture[ edit ] According to inscriptions describing the reforms of the Sumerian king Urukagina of Lagash ca.

For example, the selective abortion of female fetuses in India has led to a significant margin in sex ratio and, it has been suggested, results in related men "sharing" a wife. In Tibet, polyandry has been outlawed since the Chinese takeover of the area in , so it is difficult to measure the incidence of polyandry in what may have been the world's most polyandrous society. The Guanches , the first known inhabitants of the Canary Islands , practiced polyandry until their disappearance.

Polyandry, on the other hand, was quite common. According to European accounts, during a great famine in 14th or 15th century, girls were killed after coming to life in order to equilibrate demography. This resulted in a surplus of males and a shortage of females, which led to the adoption of polyandry, allowing a woman to marry a maximum of five men.

In August , two Kenyan men entered into an agreement to marry a woman with whom they had both been having an affair. Kenyan law does not explicitly forbid polyandry, although it is not common custom. Polyandry in India and Polyandry in Tibet In the reign of Urukagina of Lagash, "Dyandry, the marriage of one woman to two men, is abolished. Notovitck mentioned polyandry in Ladakh or Little 'Tibet' in his record of his journey to Tibet.

Polyandry was widely and to some extent still is practised in Lahaul-Spiti situated in isolation in the high Himalayas in India. In Arabia southern "All the kindred have their property in common That this was plain was evidenced by the custom among the women of wearing a hat containing a number of horns, one for each of the subsequent husbands, all of whom were also brothers to the husband.

Indeed, if a husband had no natural brothers, he would adopt another man to be his brother so that he would be allowed to marry.

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Sex and the city movie series

Sex and the City: The soundtrack includes new songs by Fergie and Jennifer Hudson who plays Carrie's assistant in the film. The film's soundtrack debuted at 2 on the Billboard , the highest debut for a multi-artist theatrical film soundtrack since 's Get Rich or Die Tryin' , [20] and debuting at 6 on the UK Albums Chart , selling to date more than 55, copies. A second soundtrack, Sex and the City: Score[ edit ] In December , the orchestral score for the film was released, Sex And The City - The Score, containing 18 tracks of original score composed, co-orchestrated, and conducted by Aaron Zigman.

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The Movie on September 23, There is a standard, single disc theatrical cut the version seen in theaters which comes in fullscreen or widescreen in separate editions. Both discs are the same, except for the movie presentation. The only features are an audio commentary, deleted scenes , and a digital copy of the film. Also released on the same day as the standard edition is the two-disc special edition, which adds six minutes of footage to the film, along with the commentary from the standard edition DVD and a second disc that contains bonus features, as well as a digital copy of the widescreen theatrical version of the film.

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